Prescription Drugs Can Kill!

In today’s day and age a number of individuals have the misfortune of having someone that they know or they themselves suffer from depression and anxiety disorders. This ailment requires medication of different types. One of the most popular treatment drug for this type of sickness is called Zoloft. This particular item falls into the drug category called selective serotonin reuptake Inhibitors. It has been revealed, that Zoloft if taken by women that are going through pregnancy have had a variety of birth defects.

To cope with this tragedy, a whole new class of attorneys have risen up, to provide relief for the poor victims who have had the misfortune of experiencing the effects of this drug. The birth defects usually revolve around the heart, limbs, lungs, cranial area, abdomen, and the spine. The Zoloft class lawyers are a welcome relief to the many families that are stricken with this calamity.

Most of these attorneys mainly file class action law suits for effected families. There are usually no attorney fees unless the plaintiffs win a recovery for babies that are born with malformation or defects resulting from parents taking Zoloft. There are several other drugs that have a similar effect, namely Lexapro, Prozac, and Paxil.

All Zoloft attorneys are fighting a war against major powers in the form of pharmaceutical companies. The Food and Drug Administration initially placed this drug into its pregnancy Category C. It’s not always easy to find a Zoloft lawyer. This indicates that during animal reproduction studies that there were adverse effects on the animal fetuses. However, there are multitudes of cases where defects like the following ones have arisen from parents taking this drug and mainly from pregnant women taking it. There have been holes developed in the stomach walls, complete or somewhat closure of the rectum, the lips and palate have been cleft, the development of club feet, irregular heart rhythms, and head or skull deformities.

With travesties like the ones mentioned taking place, there needs to be a equalizer to stand up to the powers who allowed these horrible things to happen. Even though defects were shown to manifest themselves in animal fetuses, it was said that there had not been enough well-controlled studies in humans to make the same statement. This failure in itself makes a strong statement as to why it’s good to have one of these Zoloft lawyers in your corner.

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